Announcing the Global Shape Remover for Excel Workbooks!

By on June 17, 2011

Are you tired of seeing the “Unsupported Features” warning whenever you view an Excel workbook on your SharePoint site?

Do you work with PowerPivot? If so, you are probably going to see this notification bar all the time. 

Excel Services will display a notification bar if it has detected that your workbook contains an object that it cannot render.  It take up space and really doesn’t give the user any tangible instructions on what is causing the problem.  Thus the workbook authors are left to randomly “clean up” their workbooks.

PowerPivot users will really like this feature… why?  PowerPivot automatically adds rectangles (i.e. shapes) around the slicers that control your pivot tables.  Depending on how you close the file, PowerPivot may not remove the rectangles.

What’s the generic fix? Remove the shapes manually before uploading to SharePoint.

Is that a smart way to do it?  Nope.  Simply put it’s too hard to go through all the worksheets in a workbook to remove the shapes before saving the file to a SharePoint site. Are you willing to do this every time you save your file, for every file?  We’re not!

The Global Shape Remover was designed to specifically handle the task of removing shapes from your workbooks!

Shape Remover ReportTurn on the feature and you’re done!  Any time you upload or edit a workbook, the Global Shape Remover will clean up your workbook for you. It works silently in the background! If the Global Shape Remover removes anything it generates a report that outlines what it removed and where from – you’ll have a worksheet that you can use to help find shapes if you decide that need to make a manual adjustment.

What’s even nicer about the Global Shape Remover? It’s sandbox-compatible!  That’s right – we’re talking about a handy tool that can be deployed without the need to involve a farm administrator!

If you a site collection administrator, all you need to do is upload the file to your Solution gallery and away you go.  How easy is that?

Give it a try!  Download a free trial version today and see how easy it is to get rid of that annoying warning dialog.

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