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All Developers Can Be SharePoint Developers

Posted by David Mann

I’m doing a full day session at the upcoming Philly Code Camp (October 10, 2015, Philly MTC in Malvern – more information).  Registration is only $76 and includes breakfast and lunch, raffles, guaranteed admission to the Saturday regular Code Camp (which will sell out), and more.  Register here.

Read the full post here: http://blog.mannsoftware.com/?p=1881

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JavaScript webinar for Critical Path Training

Posted by David Mann

I delivered my “Perfect-World JavaScript” webinar for Critical Path Training today.  All in all, I think it went pretty well.  The source code I showed is in Git and a write up of it all is on my blog: http://blog.mannsoftware.com/?p=1871.

The webinar covered a lot of material:

  • Professional JS development
  • Testing with Jasmine and Karma
  • IIFEs
  • Revealing Module pattern
  • Defensive coding
  • Dependency Injection
  • plus a whole lot more.

Feel free to fork the repo and kick the code around a bit.  It is what I would consider production-ready, but please see the information and disclaimer about licensing and attribution in my blog post.

Happy coding!



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Webinar: Perfect World JavaScript

Posted by David Mann

As part of the Critical Path Training free webinar series, I’ll be conducting a webinar called “Perfect World JavaScript” next week.  Here’s the important information:

Date: 4/9/2015, 2 PM ET

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8415773414555177218


I don’t know about you, but I’m a little fed up with “real world” conference sessions. As if we somehow shouldn’t strive for perfection just because we’re in the “real world.” It seems like a cop-out; like we should settle for something less. This seminar will draw a line in the sand and say “not true!” We can write better (dare I say “perfect”?) code, to solve business problems we face every day. We’ll look at real problems and present real solutions that don’t settle for second-rate status. We’ll look at JavaScript as a first-class language and see how it can enhance our solutions and deliver the experience our end users are clamoring for.

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